To sleep perchance to find a dark and stormy night?

I should know better by now.  I mean really, I should totally know better by now.  I used the “N” word a couple of days ago and it is rearing its ugly head.  I try hard to stay away from invoking the word ‘NEVER’ because it invariably causes problems.  Never’s have a habit of becoming must do’s and I don’t want any more must do’s right now. Or do I?

I was grousing a bit this week and feeling kind of lost.  I knew I should be doing something but I wasn’t quite sure what that something was and I was getting irritated.  I don’t like that feeling.  I tried blaming it on the changing weather or my sons upcoming deployment but deep down I knew I was just avoiding. Yup, avoiding. I had told myself that there was this ‘something’ that I wasn’t cut out to do and now the bugger was dancing in my peripheral vision and taunting me. Last night it, or he, or she had the audacity to wake me up by blowing smoke in my face! Not literally, but  whoever was out there bugging me smoked, I could smell it.

Fine. Whoever or whatever it is has forced my hand. I plunked down this morning with a freezer waffle in one hand and my computer in  the other and got comfortable.  OK, so what information do I have so far…I have said I am not a fiction writer-check. I am being annoyed by something or someone–check. Now there are two somethings–check. OK, FINE, I admit it…I have an idea, well, I have characters to be more specific and one of them smokes. Period. Annnnnnd, I know one is older and one is younger and the younger one has gravel stuck in her knee. Oh, and it hurts.

There is more information there but before I incriminate myself as a writer, a fiction writer no less, (this is for C.L.B.-just so you know, if I claim it I have to own it but I am going to treat this as a rent-to-own kind of claim for now) I am going to stop while I am ahead. These characters are having an interaction and I am curious enough to want to figure it out. I may just be blowing smoke (for all you kids out there no, I don’t smoke and you shouldn’t either) but I may as well blow some smoke rings while I am at it and have some fun.

My freezer waffle if feeling a bit neglected so I’d better go do right by it…Happy Saturday-hope it is a good one for you 😀