The Big ASK

Meeting with other artists always leaves me energized and hopeful and yesterday was no exception. I was picking up a painting that was stored at a friends house and spent some time talking about  proposal packets we had sent out and, consequently, received back with very polite but redundant rejections.  We knew we had dotted every I and crossed every T as well as crafted solid statements, proposals, images and image lists-buuuut, well, we received all these well crafted packets in the SASE’s we had so carefully lettered and included. Sigh.

So, yesterday we began to think on our feet.  We believe in our ideas and are confident in our work and  just need to find an opportunity to exhibit.  Here is where the  big ASK comes in-we are searching for  that  ‘which is yes’*  and a space to exhibit our two person show. We are interested in alternative spaces-although we wouldn’t turn down a traditional gallery setting if one were looking to fill an empty calendar slot, but our body of work for this show would be great in an industrial  space or less pristine location.  We aren’t opposed to investing a little elbow grease and if someone out there has a storefront or other space that is sitting empty and would be willing to let us clean it up and set up a show for a week or two just let me know.

Hey, it never hurts to ask!

*e e cummings