For Ellie


On Friday Oct. 8,  Lix Lamoreux posted that Ellie was recovering from her surgery!  Thank you to all who have prayed and I ask that you continue to pray for her continued strength and health!

I haven’t had too much time to sit down and pull together a coherent post this week-BUT-I was visiting Sacred Cake and read a simple request and wanted to pass it on. Liz Lamoreux shares on her blog that her four month old daughter, Ellie Jane, is having open heart surgery on Friday and attempts to answer the question that others have been asking…”how can I help”. Now, I don’t know Liz personally but I am pretty sure she is an amazing woman and mom because here is her answer (I could summarize but her words deserve to be shared):

and so today, i will answer your question, your beautiful question of “is there anything i can do?”

yes, you can do something for me…for us.

you can spend a moment or two thinking about a loved one in your life, someone you want to spend some time with, someone maybe you need to see or talk to. consider asking that loved one to join you in doing something you love. perhaps you will meet a friend for a date or take your son to the park or ask you mother to join you for an afternoon of paints and collage papers or take your daughter and her best friend to the ocean or sit curled up with your cat and have a poetry reading for two or invite your husband on a photography adventure or count the squirrels with your dog or call someone whose voice you need to hear.

do this.

then, spend some time thinking about the love that filled the space between you as you connected with one another. maybe this love was apparent, maybe you have to really spend some time being open to finding it in the tiniest sliver of a moment.

you will find the love.

then, maybe you could take a second or two to gather up some of this love and send it ellie’s way this friday morning and in the days that follow.

because here is the truth (my truth): i want to one day be able to do these things that you will do. i want to be able to do these things with her…i want her to dip her toes into the ocean and giggle as the sand rushes between her toes. i want to read to her every single mary oliver poem i can find. i want to teach her tree pose and how to braid her hair. i want to hold her hand in mine while her daddy holds her other hand as we walk off a plane in paris. i want to hear her first word and her 100,000th. i want to walk with her through an indiana cornfield. i want to tell her everything i know so her path is always filled with soft light if she chooses to seek it. i want to hear her laugh at yet another of her daddy’s silly jokes. i want to sing to her until she joins in. i want to watch her stand tall rooted in her own truth on her path even though her back will often be toward me as she finds her way.


and i know that it is the brave choice to answer, “yes, there is something you can do.” i know it is the brave choice to say, “you can be a light on my path so i don’t get lost in the darkness. if you really want to help, you can sit inside the love in your world and then, for just a moment or two, shine just a bit of your light this way.”

each day this week and the next and the one after that, i am going to push myself to make the brave choice.


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Please join me and send your prayers and your love their way-pray for Ellie Jane and all those who will be caring for her and pray for strength for her family. Be “a light on [their] path so [they] don’t get lost in the darkness”.

Sending my prayers and love your way Liz


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  1. I am with you and Jennifer on the power of thoughts, prayer, and love. Saying YES for Ellie Jane and her open-heart surgery today. Sending light and love.


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