I’d like to introduce you to B+B!

I am going to switch gears a bit and focus on art today.  I am really excited to introduce you to Baang and Burne Contemporary, an innovative approach to contemporary art exhibition; the brain child of  artists Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso.  In a time when galleries are closing doors and ‘pop-up’ galleries are becoming more common, Bruce and Grosso were looking for ways to coordinate exhibitions introducing  talent to new audiences without the traditional brick and mortar approach.  I don’t want to give away too much because I will be featuring B+B on next Tuesdays post (here’s a hint-think show and think NY!) but here is a bit more about the ‘gallery’ in their own words:

[W]ith the intent of providing an innovative way of bringing artists and  art collectors together, especially newer collectors who are often deterred by the high intimidation factor at most contemporary art galleries.

The gallery takes its name from a cold-war era espionage term used to describe covert demolition and sabotage operations, altering the spelling slightly in a  tongue in cheek reference to Big-name art galleries that donne the names of their well-known directors.

“We were well into planning our first event when we realized we didn’t have a name for the project”, explains Bruce. “When we came across the term ‘Bang and Burn’ it seemed perfect considering that our whole approach is about eliminating all the barriers that come built-in to the traditional art buying experience.”

“Our events are geared toward creating a comfortable setting where collectors can meet artists, and feel comfortable asking questions about the work.” says Grosso. “The whole point is to initiate and create unique art experiences that benefit not just the artists, but new collectors too. And because our events are smaller, every one of our guests gets VIP treatment.”

excerpted from http://www.baangandburne.com

B+B is an exciting and timely approach to todays economic environment and is a fantastic way to build the art community in an engaging and more intimate fashion!

Mark your calendars for next Tuesday and stop by to see what great artist  Baang and Burne Contemporary will be featuring for their first one night only event.  We’ll have an interview, images and much more-you won’t want to miss it!

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