Starving artist no more!! Gluten Free Gingerbread to the rescue

I am a sucker for surprises-I mean really, you can’t beat coming home to find something unexpected waiting for you on your doorstep!  Returning from an afternoon of dutifully running errands I cam home to find an unassuming plain brown box sitting suggestively on my front step.  Like the kid I am, I left the milk to curdle in the car while I tore through the tape to see what was inside….

The amazingly thoughtful folks at Workman Publishing somehow knew that I was a frustrated Gluten Free eater (another story for another time) and sent me this little  care package to ease my Gluten Free woes. Oh, and ease them they did!  In anticipation of Anne Byrn’s new The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free coming out later in the year I was treated to a bit of a teaser with a Gluten Free cake mix and some tasty treat recipes fresh from the cookbook to try. With three to choose from it took me about a nano-second to decide on the Kitchen Sink Gingerbread recipe-one of my all time fall favorites.

I assembled the ingredients, gathered my implements and set to work testing out the latest installment of my Gluten Free Adventures

Ingredients?  Check            Mixer & bowl? Check

The recipe was pretty darn simple and I had all the ingredients on hand-which is great because often GF recipes-especially baked goods-will call for unusual items like xantham gum or things I haven’t heard of (which means I wouldn’t have).  I am fortunate to only have a sensitivity to gluten and not Celiac Sprue (a more serious and restrictive condition) so I will opt out of baking or simply sneak some of the ‘unsafe’ goodies and end up regretting it.  I love the idea of being able to use a basic GF cake mix, which costs about the same as any other specialty cake mix, and then adding a few simple items to create something delicious-without the threat of failure. A lot of the GF alternatives I have attempted to bake like cookies, breads and cakes have ended up as alternative compost in the garden because the tasted terrible or had an awful consistency or both.  The upside is that we have the most agreeable tomatoes in the neighborhood.

Mixing all finished and it is time to pop this gingerbread in the oven.


Just watching this beauty baking was a treat!!  I could not wait for it to cool and dove right in as soon as it was out of the oven!  I cut myself a big  ole  corner, sprinkled it with powdered sugar and a teeny tiny pinch of Chipoltle powder( I like a little zippidy with my doodah) drizzled a little extra molasses….and now for the good part..the eatin’

mmmmmm….Switched to my old time camera to capture that old time gingerbread yumminess!




Oh man! To dig right in and find that I had the flavor, texture and satisfaction of REAL gingerbread nearly gave me goosebumps.  I did a repeat act of this last performance again (the gone part) and again over the weekend.  Even my husband-who is not GF and thinks health food is a slow form of poisoning- liked it!  I caught him ‘evening out the edges’ a couple of times…

All I know is that I am standing in line-with my apron on- to get my copy of  The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free!! It makes its debut on December 8-just in time for Christmas baking…I am SO going to need a bigger apron!!

jacket image for The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free

Enjoy-and yes, I know this is going to be So Worth It!!!!


8 Replies to “Starving artist no more!! Gluten Free Gingerbread to the rescue”

  1. you are sooooo descriptive. I loved the part about the husband and the poisoning! best pics of food I have seen. you could see the air in the cake! Perfect, and I really can’t wait to try some recipes! (and read more reviews!)

  2. I’m drooling! I noticed in one of the photos it looked as if there was a recipe for lemon bars. If there was, would you be willing to preview the lemon bar recipe on here as well?

  3. Susan,
    Loved this story about one of my favorite recipes from the new book. And the aroma of the gingerbread baking makes you feel like fall is on the way!
    Thanks for giving it a try…

    1. Hi Anne!
      I should thank you for such a great recipe!! I am really looking forward to your book and trying more recipes-when I can find something that tastes amazing and can make one that everyone will eat I know I have found a real treat! So, Thank you!!

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