Has a nice ring to it

I am still in the keeping it light mode lately so this one will be short, sweet  and share something I like!  I am a book junkie and I love anything to do with words, language and the like.  I have also been on a personal quest (of sorts) which can sound a little corny but for lack of a better word at the moment…well, you know what I mean.  Anyway, I have been researching those things that help me focus, help me reset in scattered or difficult moments.  I found this one a while back when I was visiting the ladies over at kind over matter.  They featured Nora McNamara’s jewelry and I immediately fell in love with these rings…

Her sterling silver rings come in a variety of words but the three I gravitated to were Faith, Strength and Gratitude.  With each word selected, Nora provides the definition and its origins-which really appeals to the word geek in me!  So, for the three I chose-I am reminded daily of the characteristics of these words:

  • FAITH     Noun; from Latin fides – trust.  To hold as true that which lies beyond human proof.
  • STRENGTH    Noun; from Old English strengthu – strong. The power to resist attack, or Legal, logical, or moral force.
  • GRATITUDE    Noun; from Latin gratitudo – gratitude.  The recognition of having received an act of spiritual, material, or moral generosity.

Pretty cool words to focus on when I feel overwhelmed or just need a reminder that things will be OK.

If you have a minute-hop on over to Nora’s Etsy Shop and have a look around-it is So Worth It!

Lunch is over and it is back to the studio for me-enjoy your day…Have faith, be strong and be thankful