Friday night play time

In the throes of preparing for a gathering of the Mulder Multitudes I set about playing with my new/old camera.  I’ve been trying to get the hang of TTV photography and while I have tried the tubular contraptions that are suppose to make it easier-I can’t get the hang of them.  Sooooo, I just fiddle and crop and and keep my fingers crossed.  This is an image of my daughter (who is by all rights one of the best bakers around-not kidding or even being biased because of parental right to brag) making frosting for one of the three cakes she is making in honor of the Mulder Matriarch’s octogenarial celebration.  It isn’t often one turns 80 so we are pulling out ALL the stops and going into full tilt celebration mode-complete with Bellini’s and Mimosa’s in the morning-just to get the day off to a good start.

For now-I am off to the studio to get a couple of ideas out before they disappear…happy weekend y’all!