Plastic wrap and ceiling fans

It happens every time.  Without thinking about it  I open up the plastic wrap, tear off a sheet and then-as if by magic-it becomes a hopelessly tangled mess, all stuck on itself and practically unusable.  My irritated little self wrestles with it, completely determined to make this mess functional-all the while getting more frustrated by the second.  Well DUH! OK, so I forgot to turn the ceiling fan off-yet again-before digging out that convenient see through product that is suppose to make our lives easier.  You see, ceiling fans do a good job at what they are suppose to do-which is move air.  Moving air + whisper thin plastic = frustrated middle aged temper tantrum about to happen.  I mean really, why is this plastic wrap so sticky anyway (because it is meant to be dummy) and why does it have to do this every time I try to use it (because you forget to turn the fan off every time-can’t blame the plastic for that move)? Funny how a sane adult can begin to blame everything in sight-except themselves-when things don’t go their way.

I don’t necessarily claim to be sane but I fall victim to this plastic trap almost every time.  All I need to do is remember to turn the ceiling fan down or off and I could experience a smoother leftover experience but NOOOO, I just have to plow full steam ahead and end up throwing myself down in the middle of the road, screaming at the top of my lungs and flailing my arms and legs and messing up my brand new coat…ummm,  uhhhhh, I think that is a different story for another time. Anyway, I end up getting frustrated over this stupid little episode….multiple times (the plastic not the coat).  I find that I do this frequently and over all kinds of little ‘episodes’.  I rush full in determined to handle things myself, in my oh, so efficient way and end up a tangled mess, all stuck on myself and practically useless. Again.

In my last post I mentioned I had been doing some thinking about prayer and I get the feeling this falls under that heading as well.  I go through seasons-not according to the calendar but according to God’s timing.  It seems that when I am neglecting something in my life He has this way of getting my attention via the oddest methods.  Whoever thought plastic wrap could get my attention?  Anyway, as I was arm wrestling a particularly nasty snarl of plastic last night I sort of had to chuckle to myself.  At that moment-stuck between plastic wrap and leftover pasta salad-God chose to poke me and remind me that there are a lot of little situations where if I just took the time to flip the switch, have a word with him and then get back to what I was doing that things might just run a little more smoothly.  Yeah, the plastic wrap might still get tangled but it probably wouldn’t irritate me quite as much.

Well, I ended up tossing the plastic and opting for a container-which I probably should have chosen in the first place.  In my haste to get the remains of a dandy little feast I had laid out for visitors I was just goin’ ninety miles an hour in the dark with my headlights off (I am pretty sure those are lyrics from a song that I just can’t put my finger on) in an effort to get back to havin’ fun.  Had I just slowed down, thought about it a second-I probably could have avoided the whole temper tantrum thingy-but then I wouldn’t have had one of those little ah-ha moments that God likes to get me with from time to time.  Message received. Oh, and BTW here’s what the feast looked like before it became leftovers …

If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods let me know!  I’d love to throw some snacks together for you (and I’ll skip the plastic wrap).


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