A little Blog Luvin’ for @sacredcake

Chalk it up to a crazy sort of week but I didn’t get a post in edgewise with all that I had going on!  Now that I have a minute to sit down with a cup of coffee and get to work I thought I would dole out some gratitude and send some blog luvin’ to Jennifer over at Sacred Cake!

I had moseyed on over to Sacred Cake’s  Etsy Shop a number of times over the last couple of weeks and always lingered over a beauty of a necklace that she named ‘Cascades’.  Jennifer is an amazing artist who specializes in one of a kind assemblage pieces and creates some of the most delicious jewelry around!  Her earrings, necklaces and assemblage art pieces never fail to  get me to linger over them-they are unique, artful and filled with soul.  ‘Cascades’ has a new home along with a matching pair of earrings that Jennifer created just for me. AND, when they arrived my heart just giggled when I started to open the package!

Just pulling the box out of the envelope was a treat in itself!  Wrapped in old writing and tied with a silk ribbon (robin’s egg blue!! one of my favorite colors), adorned with white silk leaves and an adorable little bird-this was the best thing to land in my mailbox in a very long time. I had to snap a pic before I could go any further.  And inside? Well, I  just have to show ya…

Oh, I am a very happy girl.  Thank you Jennifer for going the extra bit and making going to the mailbox an experience to savor!  Oh, and as an extra touch she nestled a bag of her favorite tea-which is oh, so good. This girl rocks.  Please check out Sacred Cake-you will NOT be disappointed-and yes, it is So Worth it!


4 Replies to “A little Blog Luvin’ for @sacredcake”

  1. I am so moved that you’d take the time to do this, Susan. This is so previous to me!
    Thank you so much!
    lovin’ you right back!

  2. Did I just say “previous” of me?!
    It’s this damn spell check on my iPod!
    I’m lolol-ing!!!

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