Over achieving…almost.

Being a perfectionist-I am continuing on in my quest to perfect procrastination.  This being said, I will be putting off reading any more scary stories for the time being (until my bottom is firmly planted on the airplane in the a.m.).  I am currently putting off finishing the vacuuming, delaying the inevitable  clothing smackdown of packing and secretly hoping that if I close my eyes really tight that when I open them again everything will be done….for me….by someone else.

….Wait for it……..eeeeeeeeee-peek…nope, nuthin’.  You know what that means-I gotta get off the blog/twitter/facebook/email rotation and get back to work. Shoot.

I will be a.w.o.l. for a few days but if I can squeeze in a minute I may drop an update on ya.  If not-take care and see ya next week!