Scary books and Abbracci Gratis

I am sitting at my desk practicing effective procrastination techniques.  I know-not a  great thing to be doing on a Monday morning (and into the afternoon).  I have been getting things done-I have just been stretching two hours of work into about 5. Not exactly how I planned getting my week under way.  I am so distracted and it is all because I keep carrying around this book-A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller.

I head to the coffee pot-I have the book.  I take a load of laundry out of the dryer-I have the book.  I try to do some ‘real work’ and the book sits on my desk staring at me.  I am imagining that when I go check the mail I will probably take it with me however, I draw the line at taking it to the studio.  Not because I don’t want to, I just don’t want to get it all dirty.  Then I would have a dirty book staring at me-OK, I know baaaad joke.  Seriously though-it isn’t going out there.  I am not sure I have ever had this kind of relationship with a book-and it kinda bugs me.

I have had books I quit in the middle of, got so tired of that I never finished the last chapter and a few I tossed after the first chapter (which is a BIG deal-I love books and seldom part with them) but this one is another story.  I can hardly wait to read it!! The only problem is I am scared to!  I get this wobbly feeling on my insides that is exciting and frightening all at the same time. Kind of like waiting for the concussion of thunder or the anticipation of something special or important-only I don’t know what is on the other side of that anticipation.  I am not even sure why I am afraid.  Well, maybe a little bit.

I really think there is something in there for me to learn. Something that will push me to get out of my chair and get a move on.  If you read my last post, you will know that this book deals with living a better story and I get the feeling it is going to tell me I need to stop thinking  about all the things I want to do and do them.  Did I mention that I procrastinate?  I also participate in daily talk myself out of it sessions, lets be practical sessions, mirror seminars to look myself in the eye and GET REAL, who are you kidding seminars and in my free time I meditate using the WHAT are you thinking  method of  mantras.  All while juggling memberships in the laundry club, the make your own supper club, the I can’t find my wallet honey club and the have you seen my…fill in the blank.. gold club membership.  I am SUPER busy.

OK, FINE. I will quit carrying it around (I swear I hear it whispering my name though). And, I will read it-later. OK, OK-I’ll read it when I am done with my studio work for the day-it will give me something to look forward to (be terrified of) after work. It is one thing to want to live a better story but it is entirely something different to actually do it, and I think that is what I am scared of.  What if I can actually do it-what would that look like?  When I think about the possibility I get that wobbly feeling and I just know something is around the corner…

So, to celebrate making the top ten list for being a highly effective procrastinator this morning I am sharing this link with you-Abbracci Gratis (translated=Free Hugs).  I was blogging my way through a cup of coffee  when I found this link  on Slow Love Life, Dominique Brownings’ blog (thank you , thank you).  It made my day better.  I am still sitting at my desk, but I am much, much  better-I would be great if I didn’t hear this weird little voice (very ‘Guy Noir’ sounding) saying ‘Come on, you know you want to-just turn the page….’)


2 Replies to “Scary books and Abbracci Gratis”

  1. OK Susan…now you’ve got my audience. This sounds like something I need to read too, though I feel I am already living a better story than I ever have; there is always room for improvement?
    Thanks for writing. I enjoy it!

    1. Hi Jennifer-
      That is fantastic that you are living a better story-and from what I’ve seen it is a good one! If you do decide to read it, I would love to know your feelings about it. For someone like me who feels stuck in lurch forward a wee bit and stall the author has put some thought provoking stuff on the page.
      Have a great day!

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