I am busy ticking of the things I should do to be considered a serious artist.  I am look for, entering, and getting into shows.  I am always looking for new opportunities, a job, a sale, a something, an anything…. the list goes on. I am also always on the hunt for the clean house, the perfect family, the folded laundry, the organized closet and in the middle of all that I usually end up looking for my mind!!! I read two things recently  that made me stop in my tracks-to stop looking for a moment.  The first one was my name.

It isn’t something I see everyday-I hear it (and all its forms) all the time but seldom see it out side of marketing materials.  The weird thing about seeing it this way was that it simply was. Susan.  That is all it said.  On a little strip of white paper-my name was written in pencil and it made me stop in my tracks.  It was a harbinger of good news (thank you Sacred Cake!! If you don’t know her you should visit -> here <-) but that was only part of it.  What really drove it home were the last two words in her post, “You matter.”  Period. You Matter.

I always think it is a little gift when something cuts through all the muck of daily life and gets you at your core.  Makes the wall around your heart melt and then makes you feel, well…more real.  I have been scrabbling around trying to keep my head above water working on a complicated commission; taking an online teaching certification course; looking for jobs, looking for shows; trying to keep my house from disappearing under piles of clothes, dust and daily life; and the waiting-always the waiting.  Waiting on those things I know are coming and the hopeful waiting on those things I just don’t know about.  It is easy to get lost in those things.  To loose site of what is buried behind all those things.  Then, out of nowhere someone or something reminds you that ‘you matter’.  What a gift.

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