Just another manic Thursday

OK, so it is pouring outside right now and I am using that as my excuse for procrastinating.  It is about a 100 foot walk from my front door to my studio and I don’t want to get soaked (assuming I don’t use my umbrella).  Weak, I know, but that is my excuse and I am sticking to it-for now anyway.  It is already lightening up a bit so I won’t be able to whine about it for long.  I also need to attend to some domestic duties so we have food in the fridge for the next few days.

The temps and humidity have been steamy here and the rain is a welcomed cool down-even if only a couple of degrees.  Working in my studio has been HOT.  Between the heat plate, the blow torch, heat gun and only a small fan it stays pretty warm in there.  I keep threatening to put a thermometer up so I can see just how warm it gets but I think I don’t really want to know.  This being said, my encaustics are coming along but not setting well because it is so warm.  I have taken to running the fan on them overnight in hopes of helping them along.

Life in other areas is moving along-no news yet on my son’s status so we continue to wait.  We spent a marvelous 4th of July surrounded by family in the great ‘Up Nort’ (no h for proper pronunciation). Away from cell phones, internet and the buzz of daily life, we reveled in an hour long fireworks display over the little lake generously supplied by various cottagers.  AND, these were not simple little fizzing cones of sparkles-these were full blown, full color,  big boom kinda fireworks.  Bobbing away in a pontoon boat was never so fun as that!  The only down side of the weekend was that I left my camera at home so no pics.  Typical!

So, now that the rain has subsided I suppose I should get to my list of to-do’s.  Not exciting.  I know. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

Hope you are all staying cool!