Alternate forms of participation (via The Ironing Board Project)

Saw this on the Ironing Board Project and thought I would pass it on…

With the IBP looking to present a number of performances within a two week time frame during ArtPrize the materials used will be facing a lot of wear and tear.  Typically, the IBP uses vintage items such as ironing boards, irons, linens, clothespins and other items and they break, wear out or become weakened.  If you would like to support the IBP in other ways besides writing a letter, we are accepting donations of working vintage irons, vintage … Read More

via The Ironing Board Project


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  1. Hi Susan…hope it’s okay to leave a comment here…
    You were wondering where to get the jar for the “jarfaits”…
    I found mine at Michael’s in the craft section for $1 each! The have a round AND square version available. I thought round was better for what I would/will continue to use them for. I love them SO much I’m going back for more. *wink*

    Thanks for checking out my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment!

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