A real Bear

I know, I should be out in my studio but I decided to take a break for some quiet and a cup of tea.  I am feeling a bit on the reflective side today and have been ruminating on all sorts of things from roses in my yard to reading to my children when they were little.  I got stuck in their delicious snugness–the smell and damp of freshly washed hair and the warn, warm feeling of footie pajamas.  I am not sure that these thoughts will make me more productive today-in fact, the opposite may be true if I don’t fight off the desire to dig out Dr. Seuss and have a good reminisce.

It is funny, this memory stuff, when it creeps up on you and recalls with crisp clarity a certain moment.  I just wish I could have hung on to those moments just a bit longer-savored them for what they were instead of getting lost in the must-do’s of laundry, housekeeping and just keeping up.  Now, with those moments so far away, when the desire to cuddle up with a little one on the verge of nodding off comes around it is assuaged with a backward glance and a cup of tea.  Don’t get me wrong-I mean, I have plenty of opportunities to cuddle up with something–one of which happened to try to push me out of bed last night because he was dreaming of being chased by a bear (would LOVE to analyze that!)-somehow it just doesn’t resonate with the same safeness that those original moments offered.  Safeness.  I think that is what I am lacking-at least internally.  I need to work on that.

So, off to those things which are regular-work, dinner prep and the waiting.  A couple more hours in my studio today and then dinner with the family is a great way to end the week.  Crossing my fingers that ‘Bear Bait’ will show up with a good bottle of red…..

Hope you have a great weekend!