What was I expecting?

I sometimes wonder why it is that I have some of  the best conversations with people I don’ t know.  Perhaps it has something to do with expectations or perhaps I am more open minded with those whom I don’t share a back-story?  I think it really has more to do with the fact that I can be more direct, more ‘me’ with perfect strangers than with those I have built years of defenses with.  I can ask a question and not pre-understand that the answer I get will be packaged in so much superfluous explanation as to drown it before it has a chance to reveal itself.  Or, oddly enough, I may just get the direct truth without the excess baggage of manipulation or guilt.  Whatever it is, it is refreshing to expect nothing and get everything.  I think this is true for just about every situation.

Now that that is out of the way I can confess to being an art delinquent lately.  I was going to use the term miscreant but I have, unfortunately, not done anything regrettable or infamous in regards to art so it didn’t fit.  I just haven’t done anything.  I will confess to catching up on Bravo’s new show “Work of Art:The Next Great Artist” and sincerely hoping that SJP doesn’t do for art what she did for Steve and Barry’s…(waking up to my (loud cell phone talker) spouse at 6 am makes it much easier to be critical).  Which leads to confession number two-I actually like the show (see above statement about expecting nothing).  I don’t have cable which means I will be getting my fixes after the fact but it will be fun either way.  That and Twitter’s #workofart is its own form of entertainment. Both are great distractions from the distractions of life.  So, since I am not painting-I can at least watch others paint while having my morning coffee.

To say I haven’t been painting is misleading-so a bit of a disclaimer is in order. In fact, I have been painting my butt off-just not on canvas.  Walls, walls, and more walls and gallons of paint; the walls are looking great but my butt is still in it’s original condition.  I have been helping my son work on his house and loving every second of it.  I collapse into a heap at the end of the day and my overalls can now stand on their own but at least I feel like I can contribute to getting his house closer to being a home. We still don’t have any news on when he will be leaving for his deployment but take every day as it comes and are grateful for the ‘now’.  I guess this refers to the line above about expectations as well-I have been getting up each day doing my best to expect nothing and finding some of the best things along the way. Working side by side with my son, getting to paint with  kitten(a birthday gift from my son to his wife) cuddled up in the bib of my overalls, seeing his wife smile at the freshly painted walls-these are ‘good stuff’ to fill a day with.  That and the sincere thank you from my other son for doing his laundry, watching a movie with my daughter and closing the day with my forever (forgivably loud cell phone talker) spouse next to me.  Good stuff.

Here’s hoping you get some ‘good stuff’ today.