and the livin’ is easy….

Though the official summer solstice has not arrived it appears that summer has-with temps well into the 80’s and a surplus of humidity-there is no denying it (you may certainly try but I will stand my sweaty ground!).  A short excursion to our local hardware mega-store yielded a car load of mismatched, marked down, dog eared plants that I can’t wait to nurture back to life and a beleaguered  spouse who can’t understand my quest for just the right color red in a geranium.  I can’t help it-I don’t want a limpid watered down version of red!  I want one that hovers in that delicate balance between alizarine and cadmium-the kind of red that sneers at the other reds like the pretenders they are.  The kind of red that makes the other plants stand up and take notice. So, while I have a bundle of begonias, a flock of ferns, a soon to be happy hydrangea and a plethora of other leafy orphans waiting to be tucked into their little beds, I am still without my red geraniums.  I am OK with that-I can wait-I know they are out there….I will find them and when I do….my yellow petunias will break out into spontaneous applause and all will be well in my little corner of earth.

Another benefit of the steamy weather is the desire to do absolutely nothing.  With every degree that inches its way up the thermometer my fanny sinks ever more resolutely into the yard swing we have hanging out under the trees.  This isn’t any old swing either-this one folds out into a bed!  Ah, the marvels of technology.  One minute a swing the next an escape hatch into a drowsy, dreamy state of mind.  Cell phone? Check.  Book?  Check.  Favorite white cat Baudrillard? Check (he being equally upside down as I-purrs his approval of this magnificent contraption) Cold drink? Check aaaaaannnd check.  With my penchant for the discarded and unwanted (hey, we all need a little lovin’) it was only natural that I would have my husband come to a screeching halt in his truck when I caught sight of  the free sign attached to this heavenly creation!  No matter that we had friends in the truck with us-fresh off of a sight seeing whirl about town-more hands to help!  My husband’s reluctance evaporated when I whispered in his ear just what this puppy could do and he had it loaded up faster than I could bat my eyelashes at him!!  I imagine as summer progresses that it will be a race to see who can claim this choice spot first and to the victor goes the breezes!

Stay cool y’all!

(Oh-no art news for now-will be picking up work from shows here and there and am checking the post daily for more news…)