Perchance to show….

I have reluctantly joined the fray of  artists vying for a spot during ArtPrize 2010.  After being shut out last year, I am a bit trigger shy but decided to give it a go just the same.  The steep entry fee is enough to give me pause-last year I could afford it this year…not so much.  I hope I don’t regret my decision to throw my hat in the proverbial ring!

I will again attempt to procure a location for the Ironing Board Project but will not hold my breath-for long anyway.  I think venues are shy of performance based work so finding a location could prove to be a bit of a challenge.  C’est la vie!   The decision to participate is based largely on encouragement from others who are familiar with the project and it is from their lips to the Venue Matching gods ears….

In other Ironing Board Project related news, I was just notified of my inclusion in the Paducah Photo 2010, International Juried Photography Competition.  An image of two of the linens titled Too Young to Know was selected and I am honored to be a part of such a strong competition.

Too Young to Know

This follows on the heels of a notification that I was accepted into the Governors State University national juried competition Brainstorm 2010. An encaustic piece was selected for that show and I will post an image as the show gets closer.

That is about it for today-hope it is a good on!