About darn time!

It has been a long time since my last post!  Too long-ten days plus one-well, that would make eleven but yeah-still a long time.  I had been holding off hoping I was going to have some epiphany or some profound revelation that would give me something to write about…..don’t get excited-it didn’t happen but I am writing anyway.  What has happened is that I have been laboring away in my studio with my head banging up against a deadline.  Gotta love those (sometimes it is the only way I get things done).  I had challenged myself to dip back into three dimensions which has it’s own unique challenges but they are oh so fun!

I dragged out all the detritus that I like to use-teabags, fabric softener sheets, coffee filters and cast offs and set to work.  There is something about using remains-the unwanted-the no longer useful-the un-mentioned evidence of life that I am drawn to.  I could go off on complicated theories or do an exegesis on feminist relevancies as they relate to my choices but I’ll save that-or rather avoid that-for now.  For now, I’ll just revel in the enjoyment of turning something unwanted into, well, something that is still unwanted but definitely more interesting to look at!!

I did foray into some unfamiliar territory which was exciting.  I experimented with Encaustic on plaster which I found very appealing!  It presented a few difficulties that I was able to figure out with a little patience (wait, wait, wait for it to cool because plaster heats up and then everything drips off).  I won’t say it was a perfect result but it will get the job done as far as I am concerned (the hand in the images).  I learned something new and can’t wait to do it again!  Below is what I have been working on…

I am still trying to come up with a title for the piece, but beyond that I consider it finished.  So, from trash to whatever this is has been an interesting journey!  Would love to hear what you all think-drop me a comment if you have a moment and thanks!