Under the buzz

I think I have mentioned that we are experiencing an unusually early spring here.  Yesterday was a fine example of that as it reached over 80 degrees and with a temp like that it was nearly impossible to stay indoors.  I have a lovely spruce that needed a trim and my cherry tree was just begging to be adored and I was more than happy to oblige.

Our cherry tree has burst into frothy mounds of humming blossoms.  Yes, I did say humming and no-I am not having aural hallucinations.  When the blossoms make their appearance so do the bees!  Wonderful bees!!!   To stand under the branches of this old cherry tree is a treat for all the senses-you can see the amazing blossoms, breathe in the intoxicating fragrance, feel the early spring breeze on your cheeks and, if you are still, you can tune your ears to the buzzing and humming resonating from the white froth.  Focus your eyes a bit and you can see the frenetic activity taking place over head.

I make it my duty to take advantage of this yearly event because it lasts only a few short days.  What a delight to watch this sleeping giant come to life and to know that each an every one of those beautiful little flowers is the precursor to cherry pies round about July time!  The yearly miracle of spring-with the earth breathing deep and putting on its fresh new duds serves as a great reminder of the faithfulness of God-at least in my life.  I am familiar with the gray brown dullness of pre-spring and recognize a similar feeling in my life from time to time.  I have been having  a pre-spring experience in my life recently but standing under the humming canopy of my cherry tree is a visual, tangible, breathable reminder that there are spring moments yet to come.  And, as God is faithful to bring the the trees to bud and flower every year-He will be faithful to support me through this as well.

It isn’t nearly as sunny and warm today but a walk to the cherry tree is in order!  I have a lilac bush along that path that I am anxious to check in on.  I have nurtured this little guy from barely more than a branch–this will be its third year to bloom and it will be fun to count the early buds. And, let’s not forget my peonies!  I noticed the reddish nubs pushing through the mulch a while back and I just know that they are stretching out their little fronds….Yes, a walk in the spring-ness of a waking earth will be just the thing to shake off my gray brown dullness.   It will remind me that this is a season that has its purpose but it too will shift and change. Maybe, just maybe, if I listen really closely, I can hear a humming and buzzing of the work that is taking place in me signifying a healing change that will shake off the gray brown dullness and lead to delicious things in the future…

May you have a cherry tree kind of day!