in the works

Still working on this piece but am nearing the end so thought I would share (sorry for the glare on the left-glaze is fresh and hard to photograph yet). Moving into the weekend, I am wrapping up my studio work for the week.  It has been chilly out there-in fact my fingers are still a little icy from working today.  We had a run of really beautiful warm weather and I had packed up my heater for the season which proved to be a bad choice!  Oh well, I worked through the chill and, with frequent hot tea breaks, finally made some substantial progress.  This piece is small-perhaps 18 x 24 or so-and was a real challenge.  I tend to work larger and don’t have smaller brushes-which if I work small again will be on my must acquire list.  I find this lacking the sharp detail I would like but I can live with it…for now!

Happy weekend everyone!  I am off for more hot tea, really hot tea.


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  1. HI Susan, saw your painting last night at the opening in Kazoo — it was one of my favorites! And I looked for you…..
    I love your wax piece from Byrneboehm gallery – I’m so lucky to have grabbed that first!
    Please take a look at my new website, and I would love to be in your links. I’m sending some of your pages to my web designer — I could be doing more – do you do all of this yourself?
    Please send me your email address so I can forward my email blast announcing my oil painting show in Big Rapids and reception coming up April 15 5-7. Please come if you can! Sheryl

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