So, Easter may be past but that doesn’t mean Peeps are history….in fact, I hit my local favorite haunt and nabbed a few extra Peeps for future use.  Tucked neatly away in my freezer are a veritable rainbow of marshmallowie, sugar sprinkled, mocha garnish-y  packages of Peep goodness.  The one drawback of after holiday Peep shopping is the lack of the traditional yellow-but it is a sacrifice I can live with!  There is only one color that I can’t reconcile myself to buy and that is orange-I don’t know what it is.  Purple, green, pink and yellow are all acceptable(well, green is borderline) colors for Peeps but orange?  My apologies if you find orange Peeps simply irresistible but I just had to pass them by in my quest for future mocha ornamentation.  Here’s to future sugary goodness floating in my morning mocha!