It’s a Good Friday

Perhaps my favorite celebration of the year is Easter Sunday.  The week leading up to Easter Sunday is filled, for me, with reflections and evaluations. And, as with each holy week, there is Good Friday.  Somber to be sure but if you happen to be familiar with Tony Campolo at all you know that ‘It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming’.  The mere thought of that message sends shivers down my spine and the anticipation of Sunday begins to vibrate somewhere deep inside. In fact, and this will be a truth, that tears rise at the thought of what this day means to me.  I don’t usually linger on the serious side of things but sometimes you just have to.  Another truth is that God is constant–I am not–He continues to pursue me even though I  get lost in the bushes pursuing other things.  And one more-so  I am where I should be-I have joy today.  On a day marked with sorrow and sadness for some, I have joy.  Without today I would have no tomorrow so it is with gratitude that I wish you joy as well.

Being the lowly blogger that I am I don’t have all the fancy bells and whistles to embed video or audio BUT I can link you to the Campolo message—>here<—-.  If you have a minute take a listen (I prefer to listen and not watch the video).

I know myself well enough to know that with the weekend upon me-and it being Easter weekend to boot, I will go off grid and not spend time in the digital world.  I will finish up with my last two truths so I can begin Monday fresh!  Whew-40 truths in 40 days!  I made it all the way through-a few delays here and there-but, when all is said and done it has been a good 40 days.  So, here goes-last two and then I never have to tell the truth again (just kidding):

39:  Honesty with oneself and transparency with others is good-for me anyway.

40:  Gratitude is a key part of my life-I have so much and so many to be grateful for-I hope I never loose sight of that.

Happy Good Friday…because this will lead to a Happy Easter!  See you next week….