Tuesday, Tuesday

Ahhh, blergh.  Today was full of so much promise at 3:30 this morning when I couldn’t sleep.  My half dream-like state showed me accomplishing so many productive tasks, rearranging my house, cleaning my windows and looking marvelous doing it…of course.  Day broke with a strong dose of reality…of course…and I quickly realized I was not going to get all those fantastic things done and I was going to look, well, like me so marvelous was out of the question.  With a headache strong enough to scuttle my plans but not strong enough to warrant bed rest I did the best I could and modified my expectations.

Egg stuffing candy has been acquired and sits awaiting its destiny (and hopefully not on my thighs).  Real eggs are chillin’ waiting for their appointed date with a dye job (no mani-pedi) and the meal planning is under way.  The whole fam-dambly will gather around the table, break bread, share stories and then muscle their way to the heaviest Easter Basket at the end of the ‘hunt’.  When the starting horn sounds, the youngest member of the family will be restrained as the older ones get a well deserved head start.  Did I mention the youngest one is nearly twenty-one and the older ones are-well-um-well-we’ll just say lots older.

The annual hunt-which I have been attempting to do away with for the last few years-has managed to survive the cut to see another Easter.  So load the eggs and remind everyone not to stop looking until the one with the ’20’ in it is found (it is so elusive that it has yet to be found in the last 10 years)  No elbows, watch the walkers and step around the mole-hills and please, PLEASE don’t knock the old ones down….

Truth of the day…Some traditions are worth hanging on to-even the somewhat absurd ones.  They are the silly string at the family party….