Let the sun shine in, and in, and in…

This is one of those days where I really have nothing exciting  or new to share-in fact I almost didn’t  write this morning-except for one thing–I couldn’t seem to get moving without at least jotting something down!  I thought maybe it was some residual ‘twilt” (twitter was taunting me yesterday-in a big way- especially since I had news to share!). Today, well, I am sitting here with my tea-coffee and me have had some issues-and looking out my windows.  Simple. Quiet. Still. I must admit I am enjoying it!  My afternoon will amp up with a brief trip to the other side of the state but for now-ahhh.

Then it dawns on me!  Windows!  I am looking out the windows…in the morning, and what a difference it makes to the start of my day!  This may not seem like a big deal but you must understand, I am married to a closer.  I am a compulsive ‘see-er’.  I need to see, observe and experience my surroundings.  The closer I am tied to once admitted he could live in a cardboard box…happily. Um-eww.  I call him the closer because of his compulsive need to close the blinds, curtains, drapes, shades, shutters and whatever other coverings that might separate him from the environment (and the few cents he saves  on the heat/air conditioning bill).  And candles??  Forget it–if there is one-no matter how atmosphere inducing-within grasp it is snuffed out like a mosquito in a bug zapper. Poof.  I open-he closes.  I light-he extinguishes.  I turn my back and am plunged into darkness-or shade-ness. Weird.

So, this morning all the curtains were wide open and I could see every square inch of the forthcoming forsythia, every blade of burgeoning grass and suddenly my tea tasted better.  Again, ahhhh. I think I will just sit back and enjoy-may even light a candle-or two- make another cup of tea and enjoy the breathing space.

Truth of the day?  Hmm, let’s see, I think it is solitude.  I need solitude in order to feel whole.  No bells and whistles with this one but it is an essential one!

Cheers all-have a fantastic day!