Oh, yes, she’s going for a ride….

News travels fast in a small town, pahdnuh…this may not be the ye olde wild west but I wanted to get the news out to y’all in a fast like manner anyways.  Okay-so enough with the high falootin’ accent….What I mean to say is that I am proud to announce ‘Untitled One’ is  going to make an appearance at the respected Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in a couple of weeks.    She was selected to be a part of the 2010 West Michigan Area Show, a juried competition. Huzzah!

I am also a part of an upcoming traveling exhibition, ‘Balance’.  Through the course of the project I will be completing three  pieces in conjunction with fellow artist, Andrea Eckert.  I will post images as the project progresses.  This is my original piece that I sent to her to :

We will be swapping imagery and creating responsive work.  The next installment is due April 1…ask me if I have started yet…go ahead ask…


K-then, I guess this brings me to my truth of the day. Not sure I am shooting for profound today-perhaps just real-demands on my time, which don’t involve what I should be doing, are a real drain.  I do wish someone would invent self cleaning clothing, dust proof surfaces, gourmet kitchen sized food dispensers (meatless please) and grocery lists that could be fulfilled telepathically.

Argh!! Just realized I didn’t upload my ‘Peep’ latte image-will have to wait. Have to go make dinner (this is where the dispenser would be fantastic!)