All this book business has me falling behind on so many things-ergh!  The good thing though is that I am so near to the end of it that I can feel my little victory dance beginning to vibrate in my toes already.  All that remains is to polish up the intro (I am one of those who reads a magazine from back to front for some reason so it makes sense that I finish up with the beginning) and I can hit ‘publish’.  Here is a little peek at the book…

I am pretty pumped about finally wrapping this project up.  In fact, it is exactly a year to the day of the original performance of the Ironing Board Project so it seems fitting to be pulling all together right about now.  Woot!

One thing I did make time for was a quick walk around my gardens today.  Not that I have sprawling gardens to stroll amongst nor do I have Martha Stewart worthy plots–they are more like patches and spots.  Little nooks and crannies with various misfits of plants in residence.  I am a haphazard kind of gardener-I don’t neatly plan out where every heliotrope  or hydrangea should be planted but rather I have a soft spot for rejected and ragtag ragamuffin style plants that no one else wants.  I scour the markdowns in the back of the garden centers to find all the wayward orphans with missing limbs and crooked smiles–the ones with a little extra personality who would end up in that great compost heap in the sky if I didn’t take them home…for a quarter.

Not all survive, which is sad, but I know the ones that move on were cared for.   For those who do survive and thrive, like my lovely heather that is beginning to bloom, I feel protective, if not a little proud.   As I am plucking the stray, stale autumn leaves from the awakening foliage in my different patches I am reminded of an orchestra tuning up before a big performance–it’s time to shake off the dusty  dross of the winter, stretch those little green nubbins and limber up ’cause it is almost showtime!! Spring!  I am currently ignoring the forecast of snow the next couple of nights and focusing all my extra energies into cajoling my daffodils to bloom and listening to the mourning doves outside my door.

Last order of business-back to the 40 days of truths.  Boy, 40 days is a lot of days and a lot of things to admit… especially when you let them pile up.  I think I need three today to make up for slacking off while I was working on ye old booke:

I think this would be numbers 22-24 to stay on target…

22.  I never use to be afraid of getting older, until I actually started to…get older that is.

23. I derive satisfaction from proving folks wrong–especially when they have underestimated me.

24. I want a “Peep Mocha”– desperately.  I have never had one and I believe my life would be much more complete with a “Peep” in my mocha.  Actually-“Peeps” (<–go ahead, click, you know you wanna)in just about anything make life better-especially if they are frozen or a couple days old…

With the weekend looming, and knowing I tend to go very low-tech on the weekends-I will do due diligence and provide 25 and 26 as well.  This way I can, potentially, begin next week on task and stay that way.

25.  I can’t wait for the first night it is nice enough to sleep with the windows open.  It doesn’t get much better than that…

26. I just  joined the “Peeps” fan club (see #24 for clarification)–come on, how could I not!

Happy weekend!


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  1. Oh thank you Susan, I knew I could count on you to cheer me up today! I am now a fan of “Peeps”.
    And again, congratulations on your book.

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