A little give would be great….

Mea culpa, mea culpa…with the ides of March upon us I should have known mischief was not far behind.  Well, that partnered with daylight savings time, I was bound to come up with all kinds of excuses for delays in posting my top forty listings for the day.  I have been dutifully embroiled in hand to hand combat with my computer and working away at my book project.  Set backs abounded when I lost all-yes ALL of my content to an upgrade but I am much smarter now and also more willing to be less of a perfectionist.  Every time I feel a sneeze coming on I back up my book-again-just in case.

So, with all my mental facilities occupied with layout, letters and letting go of perfect I have gotten behind on taking care of business.  I am pretty sure that three are required and seeing that trouble comes in threes I a may make it four for  good measure (kind of a back up…)

Without further adieu:

I love the color green

I get despondent when I think of my future

I regret that I never had the figure for skinny jeans ( I own hips and take them with me everywhere I go)

and last, though certainly not least,

I hate cleaning up after other people (the day to day stuff-not the I just had the time of my life with friends kind of cleaning up).  No one, and I repeat, no one cleans up after me (except me) therefore I do not understand why others feel it is my obligation to clean up after them-I did not wear those skid marked tighty whiteys so, no, I shouldn’t have to pick them up. No, I did not just leave out every utensil, jar, plate and mystery paste that YOU used-that is why YOU should have to put it away…and don’t even try to tell me you don’t know where it goes-you took it all out so just think backwards.  And, just so you know, if you announce to me how wonderful it is that you just “cleaned” the kitchen (except for the greasy spills, the globs of goo, the crud in the corners, the weird stuff on the windows,  and the soaking pots-all 20 of them) the best you will get from me is a snarky comment about notifying congress to print up your commendation.  Then I will pour myself a glass of wine…and really clean the kitchen.

Back to work for me…