A real page turner

So, yesterday my post was about being invisible-which is all well and good but  I overlooked a recent experience  that reminded me that perhaps I am not entirely transparent.  While visiting a favorite bookstore/coffee shop with a good friend I observed an unusual phenomenon developing.

We had picked, what we thought.  a quiet corner to plop down and loose ourselves in discussions ranging from fine art and future Phd’s to the banalities of everyday life….for a mere three hours.  I started to notice a steady flow of male population hovering in and out of our private corner.  Never more than two at a time-and those two avoided eye contact and tended to shuffle around the corner not long after a second party arrived–only  to ‘casually’ peer around the corner a few minutes later. My friends back was turned to the bizarre ritual so she had no idea what I was observing- until I snorted Dark Chocolate Cherry Mocha foam out of my nose.

The proverbial light came on and the truth was outed…Our corner was indeed a ‘quiet’ corner-you could even call it a ‘private’ corner.  Through spasms of barely containable giggles I shared my new understanding of the social phenomena I had been party to.  We were cramping the style of every male customer who wanted to manhandle magazines laden with…shall we say…mammarian monuments.  And we’re not talking Smithsonian here.

We had, unwittingly, inhibited numerous libidos–save for one brave soul who marched right up and snatched up a copy with aplomb.  I should have thanked him for alerting me to our obstructive behavior–and the next hour of unabated enjoyment at the discomfort we were creating.  We discovered that outbursts of laughter sent the lingerers scattering-which made us laugh harder.  And for one young ‘gentleman’ I imagine he figured out that seven was his lucky number (he had made six passes through our little corner before we FINALLY left).

I guess I am not totally invisible after all.  I make a great speed bump on the ‘scenic’ route.

Truth time-I don’t know if I can do this so early in the morning but I’ll give it a go-

I believe in integrity.

It may not make for a great punchline but it is a great quality and I respect individuals with the strength to possess it.

Ciao for now folks-here’s to a great weekend!