Oh man, some days just fly by! I swear that there were more hours in yesterday and that today somehow managed to take a mini vacation and left me behind to do the dishes.  Needless to say I am behind on all the very important things I should have gotten done today. I didn’t get my Wii workout in nor my weighted hula hoop session–my nails still need to be polished and my legs need to be shaved–I mean this stuff is major.

OK, in case you didn’t realize it, I am just kidding.  The day did get away from me but the only thing I didn’t get to until too late is posting my next truth–the world did not stop-the stock markets did not plummet and my bed still got made so it  isn’t really that big of a deal.  So, not that it matters, here it is:   It is frustrating to be invisible.

Not in the imaginary can you see me now kind of invisible but the I have passed the threshold of social usability invisible.  Hot now refers to flashes not appearances and it has become harder for potential employers to hide their disappointment that I am not a hip 20-something when I show up for an interview. I have stood at cosmetic counters and had the clerk not acknowledge me but serve a couple of giggly teenagers with a smile ( Just so you clerks know–HELLO—I wear mascara too and my credit limit is higher and you just lost yourself a client).  Last time I checked I still had a pulse and, in my book, that qualifies as a value added condition-whether I need mascara or a job.  I might be kickin’ it old style but I’m still kickin’ –and pretty well I might add.

On the twitter/Fb front–not a twitch, twingle or twinge!  With Facebook a distant memory and the guilt all but gone from virtually starving my virtual cows the future looks bright.  Time twill tell with twitter–I can make the full 40 days no problem but I do look forward to catching up and throwing open the windows and listening to all the chirps and tweets…oh wait…that’s spring.


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  1. You are most definitely NOT invisible – although I do understand the frustration you describe… We are no longer 20 – thank God! Keep your head held high, for you, my dear are more worthwhile to know, talk to and just be in the company of than any 20-year-old – and just as beautiful. You only need to remember – the higher you do hold your head, the less invisible you become to EVERY one. 🙂

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