If it’s Tuesday-it must be ‘game’ night…

I am just going to make this a quick morning post with the hope that I will get back to a full  post soon.  According to my calculations I am owing at least five of my lent truths and want to get a them down before the next event.  Tonight is game night and I have a few things to prepare as well as tidy up a bit.  Now, game night around here isn’t the typical Parcheesi playing, card shuffling event. Game night here is down right gamey; as in eew, I’m not eatin’ that.

My better half is a card carrying, camo wearing hunter-and so are a lot of the other men around here.  Having taken offence at my calling it ‘man-food’ night he decided to dignify it up a bit and call it ‘game’ night.  Dress it up any way you want…it is going to mean one big, smelly mess in my kitchen and beer scented candles on the table.  I shall just have to take a deep breath, buck up and make some extra greens.  I can at least be thankful that the camo brigade will be bringing  their sweeter smelling, camo-less companions-thus I can avoid the inevitable conversations covering exactly how this cuisine was captured, cleaned, carved and cured.  For those of you who know me-I don’t eat this stuff but I figure if my spouse can put up with my particular forms of craziness I can grant him the occasional ‘game’ night.

Once every ten years is occasional…right?

OK, better get to it. I owe five.

16.  I learned this one on Saturday…To see your child happy-and not the “thank you for the new ____you just bought    me” kind of happy but the tears in their eyes-my life is beginning kind of happy totally rocks.

17.  I need to accept the fact that I am a cry-er and that this is OK.  Just because others don’t doesn’t mean I can’t.

18.  I worry too much about what others think.

19.  I love to dance.

20.  I don’t dance enough. No, this one is not a cop-out…it just means that I don’t stop to enjoy and savor the good stuff nearly often enough. (that doesn’t count as an explanation does it??)

Happy Tuesday…I’m off to look for my best game night dishes…hmmm-paper or plastic?

p.s. Twiet update–I am making progress-I have even turned off my twitter and facebook mobile alerts! AND, I just realized I am half way!! Woot!