You can’t say I didn’t warn them!

T minus seven sleeps and counting until the big day!  Here comes a week filled with family, friends, frenetic and erratic behavior, bubbly, more frenetic behavior, more bubbly and then the big day.  Good stuff my friends.  These are the moments that make the mundane and banal disappear and in their place promise takes center stage.   That and I know-don’t ask me how I know-but I just know there will be moments that will put human nature on exhibit and reveal truths that will blow any of my lowly little 40 out of the water!  Hip-hip-hooray for families-for without them blogs would be barren-there would be no angst to provide material to overcome, create in spite of or wallow in and it would be boring to be sure.

This is my family-I know things about them.  And while I love them enough not to share most of it-some, I am positive, will be too good to resist.  Take the bachelor party.  I gave the best man strict instructions on what would be unacceptable with the wedding a week away.  Most mums would say no strippers. lap dances, lewd behavior and the like (this was implied in our pre-party discussions) but I know this group-too well in some instances-but either way here is the list:

No  new tattoos

No missing teeth

No stitches

No broken bones

No black eyes

No crutches, canes or supportive apparatus

No casts

No eye patches

No missing limbs, digits or organs

In all his wisdom, the Dad had the foresight to include the dictum-no cops. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that-I was worried about unimportant things like how the wedding party would look-bless his heart, he was worried about them showing up.  Good man-smart thinking.

Long story short-no sooner had one person exited the limo when he was already headed for his second ride of the night….waaaaait for it……to the ER……. it gets better……. for stitches.   I am pretty sure I am not going to answer the phone anymore-if I can’t hear them tell me-it hasn’t happened.  And should they show up looking like a band of randy pirates for the wedding I will be able to-convincingly-say I didn’t know a thing.  Providing they show up.

I thought I would throw a couple of truths out there because to tell the truth (this isn’t one of them) I am going to be a bit busy.  I may have a sec to pop in and drop a line or two but in the spirit of attempting to appear organized I want to get a jump on it.

11.  I want to travel so badly that it makes me cross eyed.

12. I trust my kids (for the most part-hence the necessity of the above list).

13.  I think the number 13 has been wrongly accused.

14. I am knock down, over the moon happy for my son.

15. I am coming to grips with the (almost) 45 year old that stares back at me every morning-she ain’t so bad.

Should I find time to stop in and say hi-I’ll let you know if these 5 still hold true  (I don’t want to go overboard with the full 7–and besides I might learn something new this week)



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  1. Hello Susan, your blog just keeps getting richer. Can’t wait to hear how the wedding goes and I won’t call you until after next weekend however, if you need any support you know the number.
    congratulations, almost!

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