Meanwhile, back at Bernini…

One manifestation of this ‘twiet’/social media resistance movement I am participating in is that in order to communicate–I need to communicate. Weird how that works.  However, I think I am handling it better than people I know.  I mean my moodiness and irritability (some consider them to be symptoms of withdrawal-I call them normal) don’t really affect me a bit–I’m fine, FINE, really REALLY FINE. But, I digress.  Back to the communication thingy.  In order for friends, acquaintances, frienemies and the like to get a hold of me they have to actually email me full sentences, write me a letter or–heaven forbid–call me!  And, best of all, ( drum roll) I get to see people face to face (crash of cymbals for dramatic closure).

Picture this:  Shelves of books, the smell of coffee, soft musak and one disoriented, pasty faced, oddly dressed individual. That would be me. I did leave the sweatpants at home and wore big people pants but my coordinating skills are weak from disuse. (in my defense-no one can see you if you keep the webcam off!) After a few moments of bleary eyed blinking and the occasional request for pardon because I had bumped into yet another body (navigating to a new page is way different than navigating a real bookstore), I made contact.  Like a distant memory-I slid back into the role of active participant in animated conversation and didn’t drool my tea a single time.  And, other than saying ‘CAPS LOCK’ once before an enthusiastic exclamation-I behaved pretty normally-or at least according to the comparisons I found on the internet.  For the most part I got to listen to amazing recounts of my friends visit to Italy and Greece-and the best part…all the amazing art she got to see.  From the Nike of Samothrace to moldering catacombs all the way to encounters with the Pieta and the ecstasy of experiencing the Ecstasy of St. Theresa I got to sit back and listen…it was like story time for grownups.  The only thing missing was my footed onsie and a mug of hot cocoa.  Three cheers for human contact!!

Baby steps my friend, baby steps.  I have been tempted-don’t get me wrong-that little twitter button has been shaking it’s ‘itter’ at me trying to get me to give it a click but I am twong, I mean strong.  I may even attempt human contact again tomorrow!

Human contact? Check.  Truth 10? Almost check.  Here goes–Art talk over tea is exhilarating.  I realize that isn’t very exciting. But think about it-you have to sit face to face, experience real relationship-real sentences-green stuff stuck in your teeth kind of reality and it rocks. Totally rocks. Dude, I’m tellin’ ya.