9th place finish comes out way ahead

I can barely keep my eyes open but in an effort not to lag too far behind on my lent commitment-a number nine is in order.  This one surely falls on the good side (as opposed to bad or otherwise)-way, way over on the good side.  This is an area where I fall short in when it comes to letting the ones concerned know how I feel.  I see this fault in others and it annoys me and when I find myself falling prey to this shortcoming I move past annoyed into disgusted.  So, tut, tut and all that…I am determined to publicly acknowledge that I enjoy (and am filled with pride, I might add) seeing my children have good things happen.  Accomplishments, little successes, reaping the benefits of keeping commitments and seeing the efforts of concerted, hard work come to full fruition.  Seeing their successes is eminently more fulfilling than seeing my own.

I may be too tired to wax humorously or parlay in philosophical banter but I should never be too tired to recognize the good stuff.  And there is a lot of good stuff going on.  Here’s to champagne toasts in the coming week and to lots and lots of exercise for number 9 (and to work off all the champagne…)

Oh, and by the way—the kids table is where it’s at-so that’s where you’ll find me (earlier post inside joke-have to read it to get it!) it will be so, soooo, soooo worth it (ok, heavy on the so’s but dude, when it works it works).


Oh man, just realized I gave an explanation-sigh. My apologies-I may or may not let it happen again.