8 isn’t enough

OK, wait a minute….I had my notes here somewhere…(shuffle, shuffle)…oh, I hate it what this happens.  Oops, my bad–I had it written on my hand the whole time-sheesh.  Well, I can’t quite figure out what it says, it’s a bit blurry, but I was either going to write about ‘Migrating Diplomacies’ or ‘Mitigating Dichotomies’ but neither of those sound quite correct. Serves me right, I should have written it on my wrist-where I usually do (you can hide it under a sleeve and it is a bit less obvious you are using notes if you are rubbing your hand and peeking at your wrist…).  Well, whatever fantastic idea it was will have to wait.  Mediocrity will have to suffice.

I have a full day of dashing around scheduled so this will be brief (heavy sighs of relief are escaping my computer). I am going to get right to the truth for the day-which, I believe is number 8!  Whew, a week plus of surviving outside the social media realm.  Aside from reading my emails one at a time to make it feel like I am having a twitter moment I seem to be surviving just fine. For now. Today. AND, I refuse to start reading my spam-I am not that desperate-yet.

So, out with it-truth 8.  I tend to have too many expectations-oh man, almost offered an explanation. I’ll leave it at that.

Ciao for now!