Huh? Are you kidding me?

OMG, OMG–how come I didn’t know there was a three headed white bull born on the other side of the world…who can recite Shakespeare???   Ok, so maybe that isn’t true…but it could be and I wouldn’t know!  I am feeling the twitch today to wander on over to Twitter and Fb  seeking companionship in the hope of a little commiseration.  I think I wouldn’t be suffering from a severe case of  ‘twit-itch’ if I hadn’t returned to work on my book and found every last bit of writing, layout and imagery lost.  That’s right, lost.  Seems that my software required the most recent update to continue working so with clicking finesse (rusty from disuse) I clicked on ‘yes, I would like to update now’ or something along those lines.  Five minutes later, with the latest in self-publishing at my fingertips I realized I no longer had anything at my fingertips to publish!

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in-er to see if that helps—nope—hold breath and release with a “Home Alone” worthy AAAAAAHHHHHH.  From there I proceeded to mumbling and growling under my breath while I attempted every salvage attempt I could conceive of to no avail.  After consulting the customer care division of the un-named software provider and facing a list of possibilities that all hinted at my failure on every level as a consumer and human being I arrived at the handy little contact page.  I dutifully filled out the information and upon submitting was greeted with another list of techniques to attempt retrieval only this time I had to copy the address and attach it to my submission to prove beyond a doubt just how inept I was. It is amazing that they can accomplish this using language that is the digital lingual equivalent of Muzak.  They soothe you into admitting you are an idiot.

All this on the heels of a day that was really going pretty good!  I had even had the good fortune to photograph a puzzling and humorous natural occurrence that took place right in my back yard.  The things they do with snow nowadays…

This was one of those right place at the right time moments.  I checked around to see if there were anyway that this could have been some child’s rendering but there were no footprints to be found. That and it sat about ten feet above the ground so they would have had to have been either really tall or a phenomenal shot with a snowball.

I looked again about an hour later and it was gone.  What does this all mean for me?? That even the trees are laughing at me for not backing up my book?  Nah, I have to believe that if a tree can muster a sense of humor while he is freezing his wrinkly bark off-so can I.  I am back working on my book with zero recollection of the witty and brilliant quotes I had used, no idea on what page I had put what image but I am oh, so much wiser.  Make copies of everything, back it up and then back up the back up and when all else fails…hike up your drawers and smile.

OK, truth time-In the last two days, I ate an entire bag of Sweetarts jelly beans.  Not proud of it but felt I should admit it to someone. Not that anybody reads this but it at least makes me feel like I am making a confession….