A fifth for good measure, and a sixth

OK, a little groggy this morning but at least its a good groggy.   It is nice and quiet, I have my gargantuan mug of coffee parked next to me and I am watching the snow fall.  Yah, mah up nort has traded its nice bit of sun for winter again.  I won’t complain though-if it has to be gray at least it has the courtesy to snow-which will never cease to give me that moment of kid-like wonder.

I do love a real winter and if I were to be totally honest I was a bit jealous of  the “snowmageddon” in the east!  It reminded me of the snowstorms I remember from my muuuuuuuuuuch younger days when snowed-in was better than any day at the pool for me.  I mean, really, how cool is it to open your garage door and only be able to see a crack of sky peeking out above a wall of snow?  It meant we were all hunkered down for the day and it would be hot chocolate, body warming yummy foods, my dad at home and best of all-I got to dig a tunnel to the mailbox!  I think a little of that feeling revisits me when it snows. OK, so yeah, I am leaning into sappy nostalgia, but it is good to do that once in a while-kind of like walking out into the snow in your skivvies is good-but not every day. Not that I did that, and if I did I wouldn’t be blogging about it….

Snow aside, we are in a flurry of preparations (flurry-get it?? punny huh?) for the upcoming nuptials of my oldest son.  Who knew seating arrangements could be cause for medication?  Did you know you can’t put so-and-so next to what’s-his-name?  They use to be an item before they became a fight-em.  You also don’t want your kids to feel like they are sitting at a kids table-which they are.  Same kids from twenty years ago all sitting together-only this time with alcohol.  May as well because you know they will migrate that direction anyway (to the alcohol not to each other-which will put them all in the same vicinity just the same).  It’s all good though because the room is filled with nothing but kids tables.  Kids from 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 40 years ago and more–all pretending they aren’t kids anymore or are kids again…with alcohol. So, don’t diss the kids table-it’s a great place to be…and you guessed it…with alcohol.

I am grateful though because I only have to deal with a miniaturized version as the grooms mum-as the brides mum you have a monumental task!  Me, I get to wear beige (I won’t, you can’t make me)-sit down, shut up and color (not on the tablecloth please)-I also get to enjoy every second of it-for which I am very grateful.  I know it will be amazing.

Okeedokee-it is still snowing and the air has that luscious velvety look to it and my coffee is forming ice crystals out of jealousy.  I took yesterday off so that means today requires two truths so here goes:

5.  I regret having let go of myself when I was younger in order to be what others thought I should be.

6.  I am happy to be retrieving myself, finally, after too many years-shaking the dust off and hoping I didn’t loose any pieces along the way.

My Twithdrawal and Facebook Fixation are being managed, apparently.   I made it to the end of this post before I realized that I hadn’t even mentioned them. Progress indeed!  I did have my moments yesterday where I wondered, briefly, what was going on in the world but since it seemed to be doing fine without me I went back my seating charts…with alcohol.

For now, I think I will move onto tea-cozy down and get to work.