Four for Four

Ah-day four of my twiet and the sun is again pouring through my northern windows!  All this sunshine is dangerous-gets me thinking spring-like thoughts which-I know-will be dashed in a matter of hours when the snow returns. Let us not forgetl that old Jack Frost has the upper hand for, at least, another couple of months.  <pop>  <-That would be my little happy bubble bursting causing all my little Disneyesque bluebirds to scatter like cowards. Tsk.  Oh well, I still have twithdrawal to keep me afloat.

Yesterday-aside from a few moments of wistful recollection of tweets from the past and the realization that my Fb farm friends will have failed crops due to my inability to fertilize their crops-was almost productive!  Yes, my friends, I actually accomplished tasks usually reserved for those who don’t carry the burden of  responsibility required of Social Media.  I, (drum roll please) made my bed. Then, I organized my cd’s. And, as if that wasn’t enough to qualify for a fulfilling day… I even used these things called pots and pans. I created a delightful Tuscan White Bean Soup-without the aid of an online search or asking my tweeps for assistance. Archaic as it may seem-I did it all by myself. Yay me.

What will today hold?  The shakes have subsided but those two adorable little icons continue to taunt me.  Parked between my blog icon and my email icon, they rest in my line of vision offering up their tawdry little selves begging to be clicked. I must be strong-nay, I shall be strong and (Key inspiring music here)  I will face this new day with a renewed strength that is new to me.  What mysteries will be demystified-what tasks will be untasked-the possibilities are endless. And, I am sure once I have my coffee-I might even begin to make sense. Hey, I can’t give up all my vices…

So, here we are. Day four-truth four.  I am not afraid to fail.  I do it pretty regularly and it builds character. I may be afraid to succeed though-because I don’t know what it involves-it is an unknown.