Twithdrawal and Telepathy

D-d-d-d-day three is dawning over the frozen waters of Black Lake resplendent with a clear sky and sun.  Yes, S. U. N.-something that is unheard of in February in my neck of the woods and it is knocking at my windows beckoning me to throw open the blinds and welcome its beams of joy into m…..OH FORGET IT! (que sound of record needle being scraped across vinyl) Fat chance, it ain’t happenin’–my teeth are chattering and my hands are shaking and it ain’t from the icicles  framing my windows like bars on a liquor store.  I think this is what some refer to as ‘twithdrawal’-or at least that is what I call it.

I survived day two relatively unscathed.  It is hard to become scathed when you sit staring forlornly at a computer screen all day not knowing what to do next.  My mind was swirling with the potential information I was missing out on-which tweets and twirps was I not party to?  What news was I not in on first?  What crisis could I not avert since I missed the warning because I couldn’t eavesdrop on my tweeps?  What’s more…who would find my cold shriveled body slumped over my keyboard because I couldn’t send an  … _ _ _ … out to my virtual community?  Somehow, by the grace of God, I survived.  I am pretty sure I am hallucinating the Disneyesque bluebirds circling outside my windows-but aside from that-I survived.

OK then, where does that leave me today? Aside from 37 days to go, I suppose it leaves me with the option of prying my numb backside out of this chair and getting on with the business of daily life-ooooor-I could attempt telepathic access to social media engines and, well…that is too pathetic, even for me.   So, daily life it is.

What does one do with daily life?  That vast expanse of time between awakening and collapsing in a heap from a long day of twittering and virtual farming–except without the twittering and harvesting. Someone has been whispering words in my ear like iiiiirrrroooonnning, laauuuuunndry, coooooooooookies but I wave them off like a pesky fly and get back to figuring out this daily life conundrum. I’ll let you know what I figure out!  I know it will be brilliant.

But first I’ll make a cup of tea and decide what truth I will face today.  Will it be a good, a bad, or an otherwise? Perhaps I’ll go with an otherwise…I am going to be 45. Ok, so that is a fact not a truth but the truth behind that 45 is that I am afraid that while others my age (and beyond) are beginning what is being touted as an “encore” career I won’t  ever have had my ‘first act’ career.  There. I said it. There is a back story but as I said yesterday-no explanations.

Now to tea and if I play my cards right-today might hold some surprises…once I stop shaking.