Lenten reflections-

So, here I am on the second full day of Lent feeling convinced that at any moment I will break out in tremors and a light sweat because I am ditching my major social media fixation.  Yesterday was a piece of cake-I was on the road and only able to post via mobile anyway so it wasn’t a huge challenge.  Today is another story!  I am back at my home office and facing a taskbar with cute little Twitter and Facebook icons just itching to be clicked…breathe in, breathe out, long draw on coffee and breathe in some more-I can do this.

I miss my daily perusal of recent news (@Huffingtonpost, @AnnCurry), art and artists (very long list to be sure-most recent favorite is @shinobarestudio), a hearty list of museums and numerous friends from Asia to Ann Arbor…and that is just Twitter.  Facebook is an entirely different story-the alien brain sucker it has become is downright dangerous!  Having become a proficient farmer doling out gifts and fertilizing other’s crops willy-nilly…all while maintaining witty repartee via snarky comments on fellow facebookians comments, my left eye twitches at the idea that my cows might need milking and virtually explode, my friends may need my special blend of comic relief that just won’t arrive and I will not stay up to date on the endless bouts of navel gazing of my friends and family. What will I do with my time????    Navel gaze, of course.

I am not particularly good at self-support.  If the truth be told self loathing is more my style.  Loathing may be too strong a word-perhaps self-targeting may be more accurate.  I am frequently the butt of my own jokes (with a butt like mine how can I not be) and it is easy to take aim-I am generally on hand so I make an easy target (see previous parenthetical comment). With all this free time available to me now-what to do, what to do? Take aim at myself-again.  Only this time with the intent of actually accomplishing something.

My time will be committed to necessary tasks; seeing my oldest son married in a matter of weeks, completing the book I have been avoiding completing, making art if I can’t find other things to distract me and finally, looking to see what truths I can find about myself that can actually be useful! That’s it-a truth a day for 40 days.  Good, bad or otherwise-my goal is to use this time to evaluate what is good, bad or otherwise about this bipedal, gluten free, dairy free vegetarian by necessity and not choice.

Today is day two-so I suppose two truths are in order.  Here goes-no apology-no explanation (except for the fact that these will surely not all be profound, humorous or remotely interesting to anyone but me)

1.  I hate the fact that doing what I love isn’t considered valid unless I can make money at it-cases in point-Art, writing and twitter.

2.  I despise power grabbers and the insincere.

K then-there it is–and should you see this posted on Twitter–note that my blog automatically posts for me so no, I didn’t cheat and tweet…

OH-and just a reminder-I am debuting two of my newest works at the Gainey Gallery-send me a comment if you want more info…I still do email, snail mail and smoke signals so I’ll be hoping to hear from someone….anyone…tap, tap, tap—hello?


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