A little self diagnosis

I have come to the conclusion that I am suffering from ‘Post Master’s Disillusionment Disorder’-disclaimer here-I am not making light of any real disorders out there.   What I am doing is taking aim at the fact that my ‘superior’ (yes, they used that word) qualifications have made me outstanding in my field!  Really-it is more like out standing in a field of rejected applications, discarded resumes, wasted discs(undoubtedly doomed to live out eternity in some landfill somewhere :/), un-answered emails and harvesting a bumper crop of debt from postage alone!

It wasn’t so long ago that I was coasting on the idea that now that I had my MFA (a terminal degree-what I now understand as having more than one interpretation) I could find a ‘real’ job.  Needless to say, I have not found that ‘real’ job-or any job for that matter.   I have tried every angle; implemented well intentioned advice-read the blogs-tried the suggestions and here I sit-waiting on the furnace repairman wrapped in a blanket and wondering what to do next.

This odd dichotomy of occupying both realms of over and under-qualified is not what I was prepared for.   I have continued to try to exhibit as often as possible-entered competitions and submitting proposals and so forth- I am not hanging out just waiting for opportunity to come knocking.  Unfortunately for my under/overqualified self all these things require funds and with no job-real or not-these opportunities are gradually becoming out of reach.

What to do now?  I refuse to allow myself-regardless of qualifications-to give myself permission to wallow.  Believe me-wrapped in my warm little blanket I am sorely tempted!  OK, so I have allowed myself to rant a bit-but it was more or less to get it off my chest so it didn’t devolve into something else.  What I need to do now is figure out what is next.  I am down to my last 6 stamps and how do I make those work hardest for me?  I choose to keep the faith!  Keep getting involved and trust that some one out there is looking for an artist who is overqualified to do a good job or willing to take a chance on someone who is qualified in the wrong areas but  fully capable and willing to work hard!

My word for January has been ‘Peace” and I continue to focus on what that means.  Even just saying it quietly to myself helps me take a deep breath and relax.  Peace is something I aspire to and pray that it touches you today as well!

P.S.  I confess…I am looking ahead to my word for February (‘Wish’)

6 Replies to “A little self diagnosis”

  1. keep working, lady! i know there is something absolutely perfect for you–and it will be all the more worth it for all your effort.

  2. there is a place for everyone Susan and your perfect job is out there waiting to hear from you. you’ll get there and as I say these words I can see your successes pouring in. you are becoming a professional artist girl, look at that resume and all the shows you have exhibited in. your job, it’s coming, I promise.

  3. The right job will be worth waiting for… maybe it is better to wait than waste your talents, time and energy on the wrong, mundane job that will suck all the creative inspiration out of you. Stay in your studio in your given spare time and keep creating masterpieces. Keep at it. The right opportunity will come along – one that you deserve for all your hard work and artistic invention.

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