Snow Business

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but…there is snow on my blog!!  By tomorrow it may be gone but for today I have snow!  I was doing a bit of updating and cleaning up and discovered this little box that I could tick off and Jack Frost would deposit a virtual flurry in my digital world.  For someone who loves snow this was a must do.  After making my  little click/save move I immediately had this thought…’I wish I had found this sooner’.  Not that I suffer from a lack of snow-I have plenty right outside my real window which, at the moment, is performing its powdered sugar dance all over my yard.  But really, how often do you get a chance to have it snow on your blog?  Too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Opportunity.  Ah, that omnipresent state of being that can be so elusive at times.  Opportunity lurks, knocks and waits around every corner or so I have been told.  I kind of believe it is merely present-we just need to be aware of it and willing to take advantage of it.  I also believe that there are things I have missed out on because I haven’t been paying attention or, perhaps more accurately, avoiding certain situations.  I didn’t really want to take the time to do anything to my blog over the holiday season.  After all, I was so busy skipping through all the festivities that I couldn’t spare the five minutes I needed to clean up my virtual act.  The interesting thing about my digital snow fall is that I(and my visitors)  could have been enjoying it all season long.  I caught the tail end of it and felt a little pang that I could only enjoy it for a short time. Truth  be told-I wasn’t THAT busy-I COULD have taken the time-and more importantly I SHOULD have.

‘Should’ is a loaded word so I use it carefully.  It can cause a tremendous amount of pressure resulting in guilt and that is useless in my book.  The ‘should’ I am talking about involves those moments when I know I am putting off-dragging my feet-procrastinating and other wise avoiding things that need doing but I just can’t manage to prioritize the whatever-it-is and get it done.  These instances almost always result in missed opportunities.  Had I done my little clean up earlier-I could have enjoyed the silly little joy of seeing that snow every time I checked in on my blog.  Had I done other similar tasks they wouldn’t have multiplied (exponentially) into a mess of tangled tasks that impede my progress.  Lesson learned.   I wish the snow could stay on my blog-I know it would look weird in July-but it would be a little reminder to pay attention…to do those little tasks when they ‘should’ be done.  It can make things so much easier and may have unexpected results!

OH-one last thing.  PEACE!  My new header is a result of my post holiday hunting trips!  I had seen these before the holiday and fell in love with them (PEACE and WISH) and they were finally budget friendly ($1.25 to be exact).  I am a nut for lingual objects-magnetic poetry on my wall (magnetic paint rocks!) books as far as the eye can see  and now these 🙂  I couldn’t resist starting my post season decorating with a little PEACE!  WISH will make an appearance sometime but for now PEACE is where it’s at…