Happiest of Holidays and best wishes for a beautiful 2010!!

I am anticipating that this will be my final entry for 2009.  Hard to believe the year has blown by already and when I look back it has been a full year indeed. There have been some truly amazing experiences this year.  From the simple to the profound the events that have transpired have moved me and grown me.

I would have to say that these last few days have been the harshest of the year as I have watched my son say good-bye to a very close friend-something a young person should never have to do.  Likewise a parent should never have to say good-bye to a child and seeing this unfold before us has been a sobering event.  One draws their own children a bit closer with the realization that tomorrow could be so different than today.  It seems somehow cruel to find lessons in someone else’s sorrows but we grow in the sadness as well in the joy and are reminded to never take anything for granted. To reach out when we feel prompted and say those I love you’s (even if it makes them squirm)  are suddenly more important than what color sweater we want to put under the tree.  Festivities pale in the presence of real truths.

As we approach 2010 my fervent prayer is for peace for our friends as they heal and for the rest–awareness.  Be aware of the need around you and meet them if you can;  aware of the effervescent blessings that bubble up in the smallest forms–from an unexpected smile to a chance encounter with grace–these small little moments are the ones that surround us and what we would genuinely miss if they disappeared.  So, I don’t really care what color sweater I get this year, or that I even get one.  All I want is one more day with my family and one more after that—and so on, and so on, and so on.

Peace, Joy and Grace and see you in 2010