Bring on the snow!

I love Thanksgiving but I love snow, winter and the Christmas season even more!  This time of year also means that a new beginning is just around the corner.  Wrapping up an old year with celebrations and family is a beautiful way to prepare for what is ahead.  I am excited to usher in 2010 with all it’s promise, its unexplored events and the daily potential for something good!  Until then–I am ready to deck the halls!  It is time to roll out the memories of Christmas past with ornaments and trimmings that have been carefully packed away.  Some of the decorations I have were handled by a generation I never knew but greet with the familiarity of a dear member of the family and hang with care with a reminder to those around who once hung this same item.  Generations of joy threading through my holiday memories and, hopefully, into the future of those who will only know me through faded images and a delicate, sparkling ornament handed down.

So, bring on the hot cocoa with lots and lots of marshmallows (and maybe a hint of peppermint schnapps!)-dig out the stored away treasures and dust off the memories.   I can’t wait to sit down with the fam and marvel at the twinkling lights, the colorful ornaments and snuggle in for a bit of fun!  Talk about So Worth It!!

Oh, and bring on the snow!! One of my favorite things in the world-a little bit of magic that never fails to stop me in my tracks…