New week-new work…

I know the show opens on Friday and that I shouldn’t give them all away but I just wanted to share another.  Some work is more enjoyable than others to create and this series falls into that category.  I was sure that when I was finished I would pack up my encaustics for the season (it gets too cold in my studio to work with the wax) and be happy for it.   Instead I am wondering if I should try to eek out a couple more before I move to oils and mixed media!

Semi-Colon right Parenthesis

As it is, I think I will pack them up for the season and head on to other ideas and other mediums.  I am anxious to give other works I have been ruminating over a chance to grow.  Besides, it was nice to think I had a sense of completion for the time being.  I always enjoy that feeling I get, almost like a sigh, when I pack up work and send it on to where ever it might be headed.  It clears my head and opens up other options from the creative to the mundane.  Mundane is a strong word I guess-ordinary is, well, ordinary so it doesn’t apply so maybe just daily would work better.  The daily stuff.

I often overlook the daily stuff in my quest for the creative and I spent some time this weekend being very daily!  I hit the yard, during record autumn warmth I might add, and raked, blew, hauled, piled, moved, cleaned and cleared out all weekend long.  I reveled in working outside and also getting in some good ole heave-ho work in my studio space.  A lot of frustration was worked out as I stripped down old canvases, demolished shabby supports and cleared out the old baggage of old work.  Whew!  What a great feeling to see a pile of old work literally hit the fire!  It is refreshing to let loose of the old stuff I clung to for whatever reason-to let go of sentimentality and glean only those things that served a stronger purpose.  I did keep a few (a very few) pieces that I recognized as a genuine moment of growth-or an ‘A-ha’ moment in my work.  The rest?  Burn baby, burn!!  The nice thing about that is that now when I head out to my studio-which, surprisingly, is just as crowded-I don’t have these old images to get distracted by and can look forward to newer, hopefully stronger work!! Yay!!  A fresh start…aahhhhhhhhh.

Here’s to your own aahhhhhh moment-have a beautiful week!