New work to share

I am becoming less and less frequent with my posts-which I owe to the fact that I have become more and more busy.  I guess it goes with the territory!  Sometimes I miss blogging regulary and feel a little guilty but it is only because I am working away-which is a good thing!  Being so busy has its disadvantages too though-as in last week I forgot three things I was suppose to do!! Not a good feeling, especially when you don’t realize it until a few days later!  My bad–in a big way!

Here is a  little something to prove I have been working and not slacking. It is part of my Geisha obsession…


Not the clearest pic but it will give you an idea anyway.  This is a little guy, approx. 8″ square and is encaustic, oil and  charcoal. 

So there you have it- a quicky update for the week.  Take care all!