Should’ve done this sooner

OK, no excuses (though I have real ones!)-I should have posted this sooner.  Sorry for the slip up and I will try to stay on top of things a bit better next time…

Huzzah for the opening of   Self Absorbed: An Exhibition of Contemporary Self PortraitureThough the show opened on the 2nd of October you still have time to catch a glimpse of the piece I submitted At Loose Ends.



If you have a moment to mosey on over to the SPAC Gallery-you have until November 6-and enjoy!


2 Replies to “Should’ve done this sooner”

  1. love the dress, is this your work?
    I’ve used a similar technique with rabbit skin glue to stiffen fabric and drape it.

    1. Hi-thanks for you comment! Yes, this is my work. I don’t use any medium with materials-this is just the natural surface.

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