Giant Footsteps

I  originally posted this over on the IBP site but decided that I wanted it here as well…

Have you ever walked next to the quiet footsteps of a giant? I have.  When you know someone who has lived their life with grace, faith, strength, humility and humor then you know your life has been touched by something special.  A fervent call for prayer was sent out yesterday by the daughter of someone dear to me and it brought home that they will not always be here.  It also brought home the fact that there is never a better time to recognize those in your life whose impact and presence has made you a better person. 

Whether it be a hug, a phone call or whispered gratitude-acknowlege, affirm or quietly applaud those who have moved in your life to make you a better person.  The influence of a quiet giant is stronger than the loud bleating of those who think they have influence and it is in that quietness can often be found truth. 

I have been blessed by a quiet giant and I hope you have been too.

Letting them know is So Worth It.