Welcome back to the real world…

I have just returned from an artist’s residency experience located in the hills of Kentucky and to say I am having difficulty re-acclimating to reality would be inaccurate!  No coffee?  No artists to work with, chat with and have a beer with? Uninterrupted, focused work time???  Fantastic food that I didn’t have to prepare (well, I did have to provide a meal but that is nuthin’!)  and amazing conversations about art, life and the juncture of both make for good times that feed the both the creative mind and body.  Three cheers for a fantastic break from the everyday! 

Hip, hip, hooray for the chance to come up with new ideas and directions for my encaustic work.  Here is a taste of what I started (note to self-don’t forget to get quality images before leaving work behind!!  These aren’t great but they will do for now)

The Last State Fair



Image Susan Mulder

Image Susan Mulder (2)


These are just a sample..I will add more of the images later, I just wanted to hit the blog before folks thought I disappeared all together!

Oh!  A big shout out to the Kentucky Foundation for Women for getting the word out about the Ironing Board Project ,  I have had a great response and hope to have more participants!! Thank you KFW 🙂

That’s all for now…

Happy Summer Daze!


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