Proof of life:

OK, so I feel like I need to prove that I have actually been up to something and not just using words for no reason!  Though not finished-not even close-I mean sooooooo not even close (got the picture?)- I wanted to post a couple of images in the hopes of getting some feedback.  What I am hoping for is some sincere criticism-real critique-because I am into sort of newish territory, which I am excited about. but want to know if it is working or not.  Without further adieu…..well, maybe a little…this combines painting-sewing-fabric and whatever else I will eventually include….



detail of sewing on hand
detail of sewing on hand


more details...
more details...

I used organza which has a machine sewn drawing on it and then apply it to a prepared linen canvas with embroidery over all the sewn lines.  I have used acrylic paints up to this point as an underpainting and will go back into it with oil paints.

Well, be brutal! Don’t hold back-growth doesn’t come easy and I do want to grow–so lemme have it!!

Till next time ❤


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  1. Ooooh critique — not something I’m particularly good at — especially on a unfinished work.
    I can tell you what I think of what I see right here; I love the use of materials, you seem to have a wonderfully curious mind that is combined with an keen sensibility for line and color.
    I love what you’re doing and am excited to see where this path takes you!
    Do more. 🙂

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